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October New Moon Ritual

October 14, 2023
5:55 PM - 7:55 PM
Price: $88 per ticket (Includes ritual access, a crystal, and a journal to take home)
Waldorf Astoria Chicago Spa - 4th Floor 
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This event warmly welcomes individuals aged 16 and above with a genuine interest in deepening their connection with themselves and exploring the mystical realm of astrology.

Join us for a New Moon Ritual Event where you'll embark on a sacred journey of self-discovery and transformation. During this enchanting gathering, you'll have the opportunity to intuitively select a crystal that resonates perfectly with your essence. This crystal will be your faithful companion throughout the magical Libra season.

Our experienced guides will share their wisdom on cleansing, charging, meditating with, and seamlessly integrating your chosen crystal into your personal astrology journey at home. Together, we will dive deep into an introspective exploration of how Libra season might influence our lives, embracing the abundant opportunities it offers for reconnecting with our true selves, nurturing bold self-expression, and cultivating unwavering confidence.

In a heartwarming and soul-nourishing activity, we will engage in the practice of writing love letters to ourselves. This heartfelt endeavor is a celebration of our unique individuality and serves as a loving reminder of our profound essence in the months ahead.

To enhance your Libra season experience, we've carefully curated a selection of Knesko eye masks to use during the event while you journal & learn more about daily self-care practices centered around skin that we can practice all season long. These offerings not only indulge your senses but also provide you with the essential skincare ritual techniques needed for a successful and deeply transformative Libra season. Join us in this celestial journey of self-care and self-discovery as we embrace the energies of the New Moon and Libra season together.

The evening's culmination will revolve around an intention-setting exercise in your journal, empowering you to manifest your heartfelt desires and set the stage for the forthcoming New Moons. As we wrap up the ritual, we will joyously share our experiences and extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us next month, dedicating your journal to the profound journey of moon work and holding yourself accountable to the intentions you have set.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to each of our esteemed guests and eagerly anticipate welcoming you back for future events, each thoughtfully tailored to correspond with the astrological sign of the season.

The Three Pillars of Our Mindful Work: 1. Inviting your inner child to play: Embrace the joy and wonder of your inner child, nurturing your innate creativity, and fostering a deep sense of mindfulness and self-expression. 2. Deepening your intuitive skills: Cultivate unwavering confidence in your intuitive abilities, developing the skill of discernment, and trusting the wisdom that resides within you. 3. Merging timelines and integrating your higher self: Awaken to the profound connection between your present self and your higher self, unlocking your boundless potential and realizing that your higher self is an intrinsic part of your being.

Complimentary Spa Water will be thoughtfully provided for your enjoyment, and our spa proudly features a serene tea bar, allowing you to savor moments of mindful tranquility during your visit.

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